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Xiaomi unlikely to see the transparent Mi 9 on 19 March 2019

Stocking issues for the Xiaomi Mi 9 series continues, with a March 15th sale cancelled and postponed to March 19th to ensure enough stock. Among devices scheduled for sale, the Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Edition isn’t one of them.

Lei Jun announced the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE sales to resume on March 19th on Weibo, without mentioning the Transparent Edition. He also repeated he would personally couple devices at the factory should supply of the Mi 9 series not exceed one million units.

Xiaomi President Lin Bin talked about the stocking issues, saying it’s due to lack of experience in the internal process and management. Training will be given to the production line, he said, showing photos of the training meeting and expressing his hope that the experience will change the shortage problem. He mentioned he would also be willing to learn if everyone looks to him to be involved in the coupling process as well. | discover financial personal loans | | discover financial personal loans | | discover financial personal loans |