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Wiko Ufeel Prime Is A Prime Candidate For One Of The Best Sub-RM1,000 Smartphones

Earlier this year, Wiko launched the mid-range U-Range smartphone series on our shores by debuting the Ufeel and Ufeel Lite. In addition to being affordable (by costing less than RM700), they offer something unique to users within this price range with sandstone build material (Ufeel) and a premium metal design (Ufeel Lite). The focus has also been very much on their fingerprint reader which allows users to use it in five customizable actions besides unlocking the device.

They were then followed by the release of the Ufeel Prime which is the highest end of the trio. We recently got our hands on the Ufeel Prime and get up close and personal with the RM899 smartphone to find what it has to offer.


As far as first impressions go, the Ufeel Prime struck our eyes for being a good-looking device. It is not only the full metal body and the shiny metal frame but also the slightly-curved back which all together make up an elegantly-designed device. We like the fact that Wiko maintains the 5-inch factor which has become increasingly-rare these days as the Ufeel Prime feels just the right size in our hands which makes one-handed operation a breeze. Speaking of feel on hand, the device offers a comfortable hold and grip owing to its curved contours, though it can be a tad slippery.






Unlike the Ufeel and Ufeel Lite, the Ufeel Prime boasts a Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolutions and it looks great on a 5-inch screen with bright and vivid colors.

User-interface wise, fans of stock Android will be glad to know that apart from Wiko’s own app icons, the UI pretty much stays faithful to the stock Android look and feel (the Ufeel Prime runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow), sans an app drawer but it does have an app called My Apps which performs the same function. Depending on individual preferences, you may or may not like the abundance of third-party apps but two apps that stand out and that we think are very useful are Files Lock and Apps Lock.


As their name suggests, Files Lock and Apps Lock are all about offering security and privacy for your files. In Files Lock, you can store your files in the form of pictures, music, videos and documents under lock and key away from prying eyes. On the other hand, Apps Lock allows you to lock any of your apps (including third-party ones) from unauthorized access with a password in the form of a PIN or an unlock pattern. As an added measure, the app also has the option of automatically capturing an “intruder selfie” when someone keyed in the wrong password. Those who value their privacy will definitely appreciate the addition of these two apps, something which not many smartphones offer.

It is also worth-noting that there is a dedicated homescreen page at the very left that displays your recent/favorite contacts, recently-opened/favorite apps and news headlines for easy access to things that matter, much like iOS 10’s widget screen.


The fingerprint reader located at the front below the display is very much the highlight of the device and thankfully, it did not disappoint. Aside from its ability to register up to five different fingerprints to perform five different tasks (be it quick-launching an application or calling a favorite contact), we are most impressed by the speed of less than half a second and ease of unlock. You can go straight into the device from a screen-off state without needing to first wake the screen up. Furthermore, the fingerprint recognition is on point. Most of the time, the slightest touch of the registered finger is enough for the sensor to pick it up and register, which lets you quickly get to your stuff without much fuss. We can say that it is on par with the very best out there, even putting some of the higher end smartphones to shame.


In terms of performance, the Ufeel Prime is no slouch. We tried the latest graphic-intensive mobile game Asphalt Xtreme on it and the device handled it smoothly without any noticeable lags even when there are a lot of things going on on the screen. The octa-core processor with as much as 4GB RAM certainly helps here.


In the camera department, the smartphone is equipped with a 13MP rear camera and a 8MP selfie counterpart. Among the camera features you can find are HDR mode, Panorama, Night mode, Sports mode and even a Pro mode which lets user manually tweak a couple of settings including manual focus, exposure level, ISO, white balance, sharpness and saturation. For selfies, there’s a FaceBeauty mode with some degree of customization for that perfect selfie just the way you want it.


Here are some shots taken with the Wiko Ufeel Prime.






img_20161113_223523(Night shot with Night Mode On)

All in all, the Wiko Ufeel Prime is a solid offering for a smartphone under RM1,000. The combination of premium metal design, decent performance and software features as well as a very good fingerprint recognition system makes it a compelling choice in the value-for-money category.


To learn more about Wiko Malaysia and their full range of products, visit their official website at You can also follow Wiko Malaysia’s Facebook page here for their latest updates.


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