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Wiko Ufeel Go – Go For Long-Lasting Battery & Great Value For Money!

By now you would have heard of Wiko and its range of interesting smartphones that offer tremendous value-for-money for what they worth. This year they launched their Ufeel Range smartphones series on our shore which comprises the Ufeel, Ufeel Lite and Ufeel Prime, which was just launched here last month and which you can learn more about here.

Now to close what has been an exciting year for them with a bang, the French smartphone manufacturer has just added a brand new member to the Ufeel family – the Ufeel Go , which once again tears the form book and “changes the game” in the smartphone business.


In terms of where the Ufeel Go stands in the family, it fills the void between the Ufeel and Ufeel Lite, which retails at RM699 and RM569 respectively. The Ufeel Go is priced at RM599 and the best thing about it is that it feels like a device that costs more.

Like the rest of its Ufeel siblings, the Ufeel Go is a premium-looking-and-feeling device with a full metal body. Its curved contours make it a nice device to hold coupled with the fact of it being a compact device that is easy on the hand.



We seldom find a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone with this kind of price and the Ufeel Go not only has that, but it is a very, very good one at that. First of all, you can set up to five different fingerprints and each of them can be programmed to perform different actions. For instance, you can have five different fingerprints to launch five of your most-opened apps, or quick-dial your five favorite contacts, or a combination of those.



Besides that, with features such as Apps Lock and File Lock, you can restrict access to apps and sensitive content under the safety and security of your fingerprint. For instance, parents with kids who have access to their phone will find these features very useful.


But there’s more to fingerprint sensor than just its versatility. Its speed is definitely impressive! Just a slight tap on the sensor with your finger is all it takes to launch an action immediately, and it can all be done while the screen is off.

Moving on the camera department, you get a 13MP main shooter which comes with a Pro mode for manual customization of shots. On the front, there’s a 5MP selfie camera with its own dedicated flash so you can take great selfies even in the dark.


Perhaps the best feature of the Ufeel Go lies in its battery with a whopping 4,000mAh battery. Don’t be surprised if you find this phone able to last a few days on end on a single charge! What’s more, you can even charge other devices with it so you are essentially carrying a powerbank inside the phone.


Again, for less than RM600, now you know when we say the Ufeel Go is a phone that punches above its weight.



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