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Why You Should Give Your Employees Company Smartphones

Whichever way you look at it, investing in technology for your business is a smart move. While most companies provide desktop computers for office workers, company-owned smartphones and tablet devices for employees are not a universal privilege – despite the increasing number of people working remotely. It’s no secret that smartphones aren’t cheap, especially when you factor in the data security software and firewalls needed to keep your network secure. However, if you’re concerned about sensitive data and your employees work on-call, the benefits of such an investment far outweigh the drawbacks. Here are four reasons why you should give your employees company smartphones.

Employees Need to Work Remotely

To keep up with today’s competition, your employees need to be reachable whether they’re flying to another part of the world or taking a cab across town. In the age of digital business, customers expect rapid responses and team members need to communicate with one another. Therefore, to make sure you’re delivering the best possible customer experience, company smartphones are essential. Don’t use company phones to get around proper scheduling though, as being always “on call” will cause your employees to become stressed and exhausted. Set limits, and allow your workers to switch off their phones during their downtime.

Company-Owned Smartphones are Secure

Smartphones and portable devices are easy to lose, which makes the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model a legal liability. By providing company-owned smartphones instead of expecting your team to work from personal handsets, you have more control over sensitive company data, and you’ll ensure that private and professional contacts stay separate. Furthermore, you can control your employee’s device use, revoke access at any time, and wipe the phone remotely if you need to.

Controlled Devices Facilitate Trust

Handing out company smartphones to your employees is an expression of trust, and they’ll feel like they’re worth investing in. However, because you own the device and have control over the way it’s used, you don’t need to question your trust in your employees. If you think a member of your team is flouting the rules or sharing data without permission, however, you can simply revoke or limit their access. What’s more, if you suspect a security breach or you think you have grounds for dismissal, you can hire a forensic digital evidence service to uncover the evidence from the phone.

Professional Contacts Are Owned By the Business

Letting employees use their own phones at work may be cheaper, but what happens when someone leaves the business? Because the device is theirs, you technically have no right to ask them to remove company contacts, so you could miss out on business if a client contacts the former employee directly. If you own the device, however, you can simply hand it over to your next employee with all the contacts already saved, and you don’t need to worry about those numbers being used outside of the business.


Whether to adopt a BYOD philosophy or provide company-owned devices is a difficult decision to make. There are many pros and cons of each approach, however, if you want to make your business more secure and allow remote working, giving your employees company smartphones is the best course of action.

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