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vivo V11’s AI Camera Shows That Beautiful Night Shots Can Be Done On A Smartphone

You’ve certainly heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) in smartphones. While AI functions in a lot of different ways when implemented on smartphones, one of its most prominent and best usage is in the camera. So what can AI do anyway that normal smartphone cameras without any AI assistance can’t? The simple answer is automation.

Most, if not all, people with a smartphone today are using it as their everyday go-to camera and more and more pictures are taken with it and shared around the world every single day. Mobile photography has become serious business, even replacing the traditional DSLR as the choice tool of the trade for some people. What AI does is that it helps bring amateur photo-takers a step closer towards producing the kind of professional-looking images that we once thought were difficult or even near-impossible to attain with a mobile phone. On the user’s part, they don’t even have to possess or learn a certain skill sets.

Just press the camera shutter button like you normally would and let AI do all the heavy-lifting post-processing work. Take the vivo V11 for example, a smartphone with AI camera built in. The vivo V11 offers users features like AI Backlight HDR, AI Low Light Mode and AI Scene Recognition that are perfectly suited for night photography, which has long been a challenging task for smartphone over the years. AI can dramatically improve night shots by automatically applying the right settings, so you will always have your next Instagram-worthy shots at the ready.

When you have an eye for the interesting and the spectacular, you can get wonderful results by pairing your vision with the AI capabilities. Recently, some members of the media as well as vivo fans got to take the vivo V11 out for a night of photo-shooting to test the phone’s AI camera capabilities under the guidance of renowned photographer Gradient Lok. The results were nothing short of eye-popping. Take a look at all the photos that were captured on the V11 that night and tell yourselves that they are not in fact taken with a professional-grade camera.

(Photo credits: Vtechgraphy, Zing Gadget & OneMachi)

This shows that you do not need some sort expensive equipments to produce impressive visuals. You do not need any serious knowledge on complicated camera settings nor post-editing tricks to get the desired results either. All you need is a keen eye for the right setting and mood plus a little bit of creativity, and AI will take care of the rest. Saves you ton of work.

Oh and even if you are not particularly good at finding the best angles for the perfect shots, the V11’s AI Portrait Framing feature can guide you to finding the sweet spot via easy-to-follow instructions. Now that’s useful AI done right.

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