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vivo Presents Big Stage – The Hottest Singing Competition Show Currently Invading Malaysia

vivo has had a big year thus far. Aside from making truly-innovative smartphones that made the tech world sit up and take notice, they were also featured heavily in the recent “greatest show on earth”. vivo has the distinction of being the official smartphone sponsor for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, a global showpiece that puts the brand front and centre in the eyes of the world.

However, this isn’t the only time vivo can be seen headlining a major show. As a brand that espouses fashion as much as it is on technological innovations, vivo’s portfolio of sponsored shows include the likes of Akademi Fantasia, Akademi Fantasia Megastar and the recently-concluded KL Fashion Week 2017 – all which have a huge audience base in Malaysia.

Their latest project sees vivo as the main sponsor for Big Stage, the latest singing competition talent show by Astro which has been very popular among local audiences. Held every Sunday night for eight consecutive weeks, the concert sees aspiring contestants battling it out on the music stage to be the grand winner of RM100,000 cold hard cash. The show features two heavyweights in the Malaysian music industry with Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza – herself a vivo brand ambassador – and Faizal Tahir as the resident judges together with invited guest judges which include the likes of singer and entertainer Mas Idayu. Tune in to the exciting show every Sunday, 9PM at Astro Ria (Channel 104) as well as Ria HD (Channel 123).

On the product front, the vivo X21 and vivo NEX have brought unprecedented smartphone innovations to Malaysian smartphone enthusiasts. Features like in-display fingerprint scanner and elevating front camera are wholly unique and are an early indication of what the future of smartphone holds. So what can we look forward from vivo next?

The answer is the vivo V11. vivo Malaysia has been dropping teasers bit by bit and the upcoming V11 is set to be vivo’s first midrange smartphone to boast in-display fingerprint scanner. Not only that, it will also sport a new display design with a much tinier (and much nicer-looking) “Halo” notch and a gradient color finish, which are another firsts from vivo. Could vivo be keeping more things up their sleeves for the V11? Be sure to follow their Facebook page to find out as well as to get the latest updates! | | bad credit car loans tampa | loans after a bankruptcy | | bad credit car loans tampa | loans after a bankruptcy | | bad credit car loans tampa | loans after a bankruptcy