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Uber Malaysia’s New Driver Forward Campaign Introduces More Driver-Friendly Measures

Uber Malaysia has taken another step forward in their drive to provide the best services to their driver-partners. Acting on their feedbacks gathered over the past several months, the ride-hailing pioneer has introduced a number of measures designed to further improve the overall driving experience in the ever-challenging city landscape.


The Driver Forward campaign is a three-month initiative which is as much as making things easier for driver-partners as well as rewarding them for exemplary actions. It is based on the three pillars of Support (improving customer support), Flexibility (more balance between driving with Uber with personal priorities and timing) and Earnings (enhance driver-partners’ ability to earn).

Under the pillar of Support, Uber Malaysia has introduced the following measures and policy updates that are now available to all driver-partners nationwide.

  • Bahasa Malaysia language support – This will be added to Uber Malaysia’s 24/7 phone support channel for driver-partners. They will have access to both English and BM speaking agents.
  • Lost & Found Policy – Driver-partners will receive a token RM10 for returning lost items to riders.
  • Cleaning fees – Driver-partners will be given a RM20 compensation if they choose to clean their vehicles on their own. Uber Malaysia are also improving cleaning fee policies so that compensation amounts are based on severity of stains or amount of cleaning required.
  • Coloured Cars – The colour of the driver-partner’s car icon in the app will reflect the actual colour of their car, which riders can see from within the app itself on the map. This helps improved the pickup experience by trimming down wait times when drivers and riders can easily find each other.
  • Driver Share My Trip – Similar to the feature for riders, driver-partners can now share a live map of their location, trip status and related information with up to 5 pre-selected contacts while they’re online.
  • Connect with guest riders – When riders request rides for friends and family, drivers will see the name of the person they will be picking up and will be able to contact them, if needed. The guest rider will receive and SMS with the driver’s name, ETA, car type, licence plate and contact info.
  • Ratings reminder & clear feedback – Riders will be prompted with a ratings card in their app to rate their previous trip. When riders complete a trip, they also receive a notification to rate the recently completed trip as well. Riders will also be required to provide feedback on all trips rated 4 stars or below, so drivers will receive pro tips on how to provide the best service possible.

Over the coming months, more initiatives and changes will be introduced under the second and third pillar of Earnings and Flexibility respectively.

In line with the introduction of the first pillar Support, Uber Malaysia has also formally launched its brand new Greenlight Hub (GLH) support centre in Petaling Jaya which is twice the size of its previous facility. It will be able to serve up to 1,000 driver-partners per week including walk-ins. Among the facilities available are a briefing room for introduction sessions for new driver-partners as well as driver-focused learning initiatives, and a space for partner vendors to share information on their services and offerings. The hub will be a home base for the Uber driver-partner community, aside from being the venue for community events.




The new Uber GLH is located at Axis Business Campus and will be open every Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) from 10AM to 7PM (5PM on Saturdays), with 21 operational counters to serve driver-partners. To date, 90% of driver-partners’ issues are resolved within the first visit.


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