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Can’t Stop Streaming Music & Video While On The Go? This New Postpaid Plan Is Made For You

Are you one of those people whose eyes are constantly glued to their mobile phones and earphones permanently lodged in the ears? Well, aren’t we all are? Who can help it when there are just so many good shows, good videos and good music to be enjoyed all day err day!

From must-watch shows like Stranger Things and Black Mirror on Netflix to all the latest genre-bending and tear-inducing Korean dramas available via iflix and Viu, we are literally spoilt for choice. And here we are just talking about episodic series, we haven’t even mention movies yet! Don’t even get us started on YouTube.

On the music side, new songs are constantly released almost daily from artistes all over the world in all kinds of genre and listeners get to sample them on the same day itself. Once upon a time we head to our local CD stores to purchase albums but thanks to the likes of Spotify and JOOX, we have complete control over how we listen to our music, like listening to only our favorite songs and creating our personal playlists consisting of a delectable mix of Top 40 hits and Kpop head-bangers. A library of million songs is right at our fingertips. Exploring new music everyday has never been so fun and easier.

Alas, as the saying goes – so many things to do, so little time. This has us resorted to bringing our endless collection of videos and music to be consumed on our smartphones wherever we go – on the bus, in the train, on the bed, inside the toilet cubicle, you name it.

Of course, we cannot do this (or rather make the most out of it) without the adequate resources. Most important of all, we need mobile data – lot and lots and lots of it! If you reading this are on a quest to find the perfect telco plan made specifically for this purpose, you are on the right track!

The Unlimited HERO Postpaid P79 is U Mobile’s new postpaid plan for those who lives and breathes entertainment. It’s the latest in the long line of U Mobile’s unparallel unlimited experience and this plan will please even the most hardcore of viewers and listeners with the offer of unlimited video and music streaming on some of the biggest and most popular platforms. U Mobile will also be giving free Spotify Premium for 6 months with every sign up of the Unlimited HERO Postpaid P79. Talk about the perfect start to your unlimited music streaming experience.

Project Fatboy 2 - ENG

The music addict in you will be able to leave Spotify/Joox/Apple Music/KKBox or the many other music streaming platforms running on your phone on data practically all day because well, you can. Whether you are jamming to Ed Sheeran’s newest track in Spotify and hitting the replay button for the hundredth time or tuning in to the dozen awesome radio channels offered in Apple Music from day to night, the music never stops.

At the same time, you can binge on the latest series and videos from the likes of Netflix, iflix, YouTube, Viu, HyppTV and many more without ever having to worry about data running out faster than The Flash (oh by the way, it’s a very good show that can be found in both Netflix and iflix, do check it out!). When you have shows from all corners of the world and in all languages at your disposal whenever and wherever you go, you don’t need anything else – except maybe a powerbank (or two)

Daily commuters’ saviour aside, the Unlimited HERO Postpaid P79 could also be a godsend to those who do not have the privilege of having a home Internet/broadband network. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and all you want to do is to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite drama or TV series but can’t because your available data quota is dangerously low. With unlimited video streaming, the only danger is making sure you get enough sleep for the next working day.

But that’s not all that the Unlimited HERO Postpaid P79 has got to offer. For the price of RM79 a month, you also get 20GB monthly data quota which is definitely more than enough for doing your usual online stuffs (other than streaming videos and music). Add to that unlimited calls to all network as well as unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat usage, you get yourselves a pretty amazing value of a postpaid plan.

U Mobile Unlimited HERO Postpaid P79

Less of a video/music junkie and more of a social media as well as instant messaging kind of guy/girl? U Mobile has got you covered too with the Unlimited HERO Postpaid P68. You can enjoy unlimited data to use in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, on top of 15GB monthly data as well as unlimited calls to all networks.

More info about the Unlimited HERO Postpaid P79 and Unlimited HERO Postpaid P68 can be found here.

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