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Tips and Tricks: How to stop a non-responsive app in the Motorola Xoom
July 01, 2011
No doubt there are many apps that are designed for Google Android 3.0 or Honeycomb are available for download in the Android Market
Tips and Tricks: How to add website shortcuts on the iPad
June 29, 2011
Instead of adding your bookmarks on Safari browser only, you can also app like visual representations of your bookmarks to your home screen. Called website shortcuts
Tips and Tricks: Performing Hard Reset on Motorola Xoom
June 28, 2011
If you are planning to give your Motorola Xoom to your friend, family or spouse, you might consider performing a hard reset on the Motorola Xoom first
Tips and Tricks: How to create folders on your iPad
June 27, 2011
Once you download your twentieth free app, things should get cluttered on your screen. With Folders, now you can stack relevant apps together and organise your iPad
Tips and Tricks: Alternative Unlocking Methods for the Motorola Xoom
June 25, 2011
There are several methods on unlocking the Motorola Xoom. The easiest method to unlock the Motorola Xoom without any PINs or password is by swiping the center padlock to the outer ring.
Tips and Tricks: How to sync movies into the iPad 2
June 24, 2011
After you start syncing music into your brand new iPad 2, you are feeling a little confident and you are now looking forward to getting some movies or music videos to enjoy while on the go
Tips and Tricks: Converting Videos and Transferring it to the HTC Flyer
June 24, 2011
The 7-inch screen of the HTC Flyer makes it a great multimedia companion. Here’s a walkthrough on how to convert your favourite videos and transferring them to your device.
Tips and Tricks: How to encode videos for Motorola Xoom
June 24, 2011
Ever wonder how to encode your favorite drama series, animes or movies that could be played by the Motorola Xoom?
Tips And Tricks: Conserving battery life on the HTC Flyer
June 23, 2011
While we’ve mentioned that the HTC Flyer has a great battery life, it never hurts to be able to squeeze a bit more life out device. While standard procedure such as turning off Bluetooth and GRPS, and lowering screen brightness applies, there a number of settings
Tips and Tricks: How to update your iPad 2
June 20, 2011
Keeping your iPad 2 up to date is a good idea as Apple patches up security loopholes improves performance and increases your privacy settings. Best of all, the update will leave your applications, data and settings as they were

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