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[Tips & Tricks] iOS 7 lags your iPhone/iPad? Speed it up now!


iOS 7 is definitely a huge upgrade to Apple iDevices users. Not only it offers a fresh new look to the stale iOS user interface, it also brings with it several new features and improvements. The unfortunate thing about it is that older Apple devices may not be equipped with the hardware necessary to take advantage all the graphical advancements it offers, resulting in slowdowns and even lags for some users.

Downgrading to older iOS versions is out of the question for most users as it can be a risky move only those with the know-hows should attempt. So are users who experience slowdowns in their device forever doomed? Certainly not, as they are several ways to speed up your device and the best thing about them is that they can easily be done in no time.

Here we look at 10 ways you can get rid of those lags and get your Apple device running like it is newly unboxed (They are especially targeted towards iPhone 4 users but all devices running iOS 7 can also benefit)

1.       Disable Parallax Effect

You know the 3D-like effect in which your app icons seem to float above the wallpaper when you move your device around? To turn it off by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and Turn ON Reduce Motion.

2.       Disable Translucencies

The transparent effect will certainly eat up some processing power. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Turn ON Increase Contrast

3.       Disable Background App Refresh

A new feature of iOS 7 which allows apps to constantly refresh their contents when connected. Its settings is located at Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

4.       Disable Automatic Updating

The App Store will automatically update your apps for you when there are new updates available if this feature is turned on. Do it manually like you always did all these while instead and save some processing power. Turn if off at Settings > iTunes and App Store > Automatic Downloads.

5.       Turn off AirDrop

Another new feature which allows users to easily share content with other AirDrop-capable devices. Turn it on only when in need of use. Swipe up to bring in the new Control Center and tap on the AirDrop icon.

6.       Turn off Location Services

This not only speeds up your device but also saves your battery a lot! Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

7.       Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

There is no reason leave your Bluetooth on 24/7. Similar to step No.4, Bring up Control Center and tap on the Bluetooth icon.

8.       Disable iCloud for non-essential apps

You don’t need to back-up everything to the cloud. Go to Settings > iCloud and disable all the apps that you do not require back-up purposes.

9.       Lock your screen orientation

Do you know that it is possible for powers to be eaten up by the sensor constantly checking for your device’s orientation? If you always operate your device in one orientation, try to lock it in by tapping on the lock icon on Control Center.

10.    Close unused/previously-opened apps

Perhaps the single biggest culprit that bogs the device down is that users either forgot/not aware/not bothered to close all the previously-opened apps in their system. When you attempt to “close” an app by hitting the home button, it does not completely close but is still running in the background for faster load-up the next time you open that particular app again. Remember to completely close all the apps which you no longer have use by double-tapping the home button to bring up the multitasking menu. Once there, dismiss the apps that you no longer need to use away by simply swiping them up.

Here’s to a speedier iPhone/iPad! 🙂

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(Source: The Unlockr)

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