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These Super Close-Up Shots Affirmed Huawei P30’s Zoom Capabilites

The hugely-anticipated Huawei P30 will all be revealed in less than two weeks’ times. The usual rumours and speculations aside, the only concrete information we know about the phone is its supposedly superior zoom capabilities. We know this not only from the announcement teaser but also from an impressive zoomed-in shot of the moon taken by Huawei CEO Richard Yu using what is highly possibly the P30.

Now more shots have started to emerge that will only further the case for the P30’s zoom technology. Originating from Malaysia, the shots were taken in two different events – a concert and a wedding. In both situations, the shot-taker fully utilised the camera range of the phone, allowing us to see just how far the camera can zoom in, and more importantly, the quality it produces.

In the concert scene, we can see how far the shot-taker was seated away from the stage and yet managed to get super close-up shots of the performers’ faces. They are not perfect though as the super close-up shots look blurry. However, under the circumstances of a dark environment with a constantly-moving subject, the fact that the camera was still able to pick out facial features clearly is quite the feat.

Things get even more interesting in the wedding shot. In a favourable and brightly-lit environment, the camera was able to pick out the intricate details of the bride’s wedding dress and jewellery when fully zoomed-in, including something as tiny as a ring and earring.

Zoom technologies on smartphone cameras have been in the forefront of late. Oppo has showcased their 10x lossless zoom at the recent Mobile World Congress 2019 but a consumer-level device with that technology hasn’t materialise yet, which leaves room for Huawei to seize the opportunity and be the first to debut the feature directly onto consumers’ hand.

We will see more of what the P30 can do when it launches in Paris on March 26.

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