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There Are A Lot More Features Packed Into The HONOR View20 Than You Might Think

48MP camera, hole-punch All-View Display, Aurora Nanotexture design, Kirin 980 – these are some of the highlight features of the HONOR View20 that everyone knows. The phone is more than just that however. HONOR’s latest release packs a whole lot more tech and features into its eye-catching body that you might not even be aware of. Some of these features might end up becoming the ones you find most useful – whether it’s for enhancing your productivity or for gaming and everything in between.

1.   TOF 3D Camera

The View20’s unique second rear 3D camera can do a whole lot of interesting stuffs, ranging from depth sensing, skeletal tracking to even real-time motion capture. You can use the 3D shaping tool to produce real-time video retouching to appear more flattering in terms of body shape in videos. Besides that, you can also indulge in fun interactive motion-controlled games using your whole body as the controller itself. Meanwhile, the AI Calorie Counting feature allows the TOF (time-of-flight) camera to accurately measures object-volume in real-time.

2.   PC Mode

Do you know that you can turn the View20 into a desktop-like experience? Simply plug the phone into a monitor and with the necessary peripherals like a mouse and keyboard you will be able to do stuffs like you normally would on a desktop, like working on lengthy documents and spreadsheets, or even browsing the internet and watching YouTube on a bigger screen. A mouse nowhere to be found? No problem, you can use the phone as a convenient trackpad. This does not affect the functions of the phone in any way as you are still be able to use it as it is even when it is plugged in. This is one of the few smartphones in the market that has a PC Mode. Oh and no dock required.

2.   AI Dual-Frequency GPS

Have you ever been frustrated with your phone’s GPS inadequacies? The inaccurate pin-pointing of exact locations and the occasional loss of signal can be especially frustrating when you depend on your phone’s GPS heavily to find your way around. The View20 can ensure none of that will happen with its AI dual-frequency GPS feature that promises up to 15m high precise tracking and 10 times more accurate positioning.

3.   Liquid Cooling System

You would expect only dedicated gaming smartphones to have some sort of a cooling system but the fact that the View20 has one is a pleasant addition. With mobile games becoming more and more sophisticated and resource-hungry by the day, it has become more important for smartphones to be able to handle the massive workload and still run coolly for the user.

4.   AI Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi

The View20 is equipped with triple antenna Wi-Fi that helps maintain a strong and consistent Wi-Fi connection. It is especially helpful during gaming as users typically hold the phone in a variety of positions. The abundance of antenna ensures Wi-Fi signal won’t get interrupted and in turn users get to enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions which require going online.

5.   Optimised for Fortnite

The current biggest game on earth will run in its best form on the View20. HONOR has announced that Fortnite will be able to run in buttery-smooth 60fps on the View20 soon, with low jitter and frame rates. In addition, a special HONOR Guard Fortnite outfit will be made available exclusively for View20 users.

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The HONOR View20 retails at RM1,999 for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage models in Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black and RM2,499 for the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage model in Phantom Blue co-designed with Moschino.

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