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The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is to be launched on 25 June 2018

Alongside the Redmi 6 Pro, Xiaomi will be launching the Mi Pad 4 in China on 25 June 2018. The device will succeed the Mi Pad 3, which you may remember, did not get an international release.

The Mi Pad 4 is expected to be fitted with the same 7.9-inch LCD display found on the Mi Pad 3 with Full HD resolution and a pixel density of 320PPI. Dual band WiFi and Bluetooth will be a part of the package alongside 5V/2A 10W charging with support for fast charging. The device is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and will have a 6,000mAh battery keeping it up and running.

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