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The Vivo X30 will launch in December 2019

Vivo has just officially announced that it will be collaborating with Samsung in order to release its Vivo X30 smartphone that is scheduled to launch in December 2019. Powered by an Exynos 980 SoC chipset, the device will not only be the first smartphone to have it, but also the first third party one as well.

Looking at the teaser image provided by Vivo, it would appear that the X30 will have a notch-less, all-screen display, in addition to a pop-up selfie camera akins to the ones seen on the Vivo V15 or Vivo V17. Apart from that, little else has been made known about the actual specifications for the smartphone. In any case, we will be hearing more about it in upcoming weeks as the device braces for a launch. Based on just the SoC alone, we can expect to see something on the higher spectrum, so look forward to that.

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