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The vivo NEX Is Much More Than Just Innovative Features

The vivo NEX needs no introduction. Released in Malaysia in July, it has been almost four months since the breakthrough flagship were available in our market and the device continues to be the talk of tech enthusiasts for its slew of innovative features.

Previously we talked about the five determining factors on why you should make the jump to the NEX. Unsurprisingly, they involve all the best bits that the NEX serve on a plate – among them is the full bezel-less display with no unsightly notch, the novel and cool elevating front camera, the in-display fingerprint sensor that to date still only can be found in a small number of smartphones,    as well as the top flagship specs which includes 8GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

In our hands-on of the NEX, we found all these features to work well. The elevating front camera especially is a personal favourite as it not only does its job well in hiding the front selfie camera but is also a showpiece item that will fascinate everyone who sees it for the first time.

Before a new generation of smartphones inevitably sweep in next year, the NEX remains as one of most powerful phones you can get this year. For those who are interested in numbers, it has been revealed through the Geekbench 4 benchmark test results that the NEX outperforms some of its peers – which include the mighty Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and OnePlus 6 – in certain areas. Take a look at the results below:

The NEX is no doubt vivo’s biggest and best release of 2018. It certainly played a major role in cementing vivo’s position at the top of China’s Q3 overall sales result list with 19.2% market share, ahead of its fellow Chinese manufacturers as well as foreign competitors with 20 million smartphones sold, representing a 15% growth rate. What makes this even more notable is that this happened amidst slumping smartphone sales in China with most competitor brands experiencing drop in sales number.

In Malaysia, the vivo NEX is available at the recommended retail price of RM2,799 at vivo Concept Stores, collaboration partners and authorised resellers.

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