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The OPPO Reno2 Makes For A Great Tool For Beginner And Budding YouTubers

So you want to be a YouTuber? You are probably looking for a suitable video-recording device first and foremost, and in the likeliest of chances you will be starting small with the basic tools. Your smartphone is probably the best tool you have with you right now. It is versatile, portable and doesn’t cost you as much as the professional-grade cameras and DSLRs. But your current smartphone could also probably not be up to the task.

Say you want a smartphone that records good-quality videos, and also one that offers tons of related features so you are able to create the quality content that you want. While smartphones are getting better and better at taking pictures, not many of them are as capable on the video side. Those that do, are priced on the higher-end. The newly-launched OPPO Reno2 is quite the exception. OPPO has put a heavy emphasis on the videography aspect on this phone with plenty of video-specific features. So if you want to kickstart your YouTube or vlogging career on the right note with the right smartphone on hand, here are the reasons why the Reno2 would be the perfect tool.

  • You want to your audiences to be able to see you and your content clearly

Of course, you don’t want blurry and unclear images of all things to begin with. Nothing turns your audiences off more than bad video qualities. You want to capture every moment and convey all of that as clearly as possible without missing out on crucial details. There will be no such worries with the Reno2’s 48MP camera. The high-resolution camera will ensure that every little detail is captured and that your audiences would be able to see everything through the lens, just as you intended them to be seen.


  • You want to be able to capture everything near and far

Unless you are shooting a perfectly still video in a room, there will moments when you will need to use the zoom functions a lot. Moments like vlogging in a concert or during sporting events, or just you encountering random moments when you spot something interesting from afar that needs to be on camera. Zoom can also be used for comedic effect to elicit laughs of course! The Reno2 lets you do 5x hybrid zoom all the way till 20x zoom, ensuring that not only will you be able to get your subjects front and centre despite them being a far distance away, but also able to capture them without losing too much details.


  •  You want your videos to be presentable and easy to be viewed

Especially so if your content contain a lot of outdoor shots, where there will be a lot of movements. Travel vloggers as well as sports and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the Reno2’s Ultra Steady Mode, which uses both Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to help keep recordings steady admits all the constant movements. Meanwhile the phone’s Audio Zoom feature helps preserve the audio on the subject in noisy outdoor environments. These features would help make your videos easier fo follow and more enjoyable to watch without all the environmental distractions.

Another feature by Reno2 that helps your content to be viewed in a different perspective is the 8MP wide angle lens, which provides for more diversified picture composition with a 116° wide angle view that allows shots of larger-scope objects to fit into the frame like a landscape shot. This feature is suitable for travellers and adventurers who would want to capture as much of the sceneries as possible for their audiences. You may not know it but the wide angle lens also lets you take macro shots for the times when you want to go really up close to your subject matter. Think food or insects.


  • You want your videos to look professional and of high quality

Every YouTuber wants his/her videos to look the best they could. While getting there often means needing to spend a fortune to get the best (and often very pricey) gears, modern smartphones too can do the job for a lot less with the right feature. One of Reno2’s many features, the Bokeh Effect Video does just that by automatically adding background blurring to your recordings in real time. The results are stylish and professional-looking videos we often see produced with SLRs.


  • You want to be able to edit your videos with ease

After all the recordings, the work shifts to the editing process and you want it to be as pain-free as possible. The best way is to to all the editing on a computer of course, but not many are well-versed in the often complicated and overwhelming nature of video-editing softwares. Thankfully, the Reno2 has a built-in video editor. SoLoop is easy-to-use and provides smart templates that are auto recommended to users. It can even auto-generate perfectly edited video clips on its own when it detects videos stored in the album. It will no doubt be a huge boon for users who may not have a lot of video-editing experience. But perhaps the bigger advantage is that it allows you to edit your videos on-the-go wherever and whenever you are, without being tied down to a desk.

Beyond all that, the Reno2’s hardware also provides for a good base for videography. Its beefy 8GB RAM ensures that everything runs smoothly and 256GB of storage is plentiful to store all your video files. Besides that, its Sunlight AMOLED display offers a comfortable viewing experience day and night, and it helps when you are most certainly spending long hours staring at the screen.

And that is even before we really even get to its quad camera system. There will be times when you want to include still images in your videos, and the Reno2’s camera system will ensure that the pictures it produce will match up to the video quality it puts out. One of its best photography features is the Ultra Dark Mode, perfect for when you are going for a night out with friends, at a countdown party or enjoying yourself at a concert.

Not forgetting also the performance of the 5x Hybrid Zoom and 20x Digital zoom which is made possible with a combination of zooming lenses that include a wide-angle lens, primary camera, and long-focus lens with respectively equivalent focal lengths of 16mm, 26mm and 83mm.

The Reno2 also features dual wifi that helps it to connect to two different hotspots to access the Internet via two routes. Dual channels work simultaneously to select the optimal signal for better connectivity and this ensures doubled network speed, seamless switch, and high reliability. For example, a 2.4G hotspot and a 5G hotspot use different frequency bands without interference, and can receive/transmit data independently. You would most certainly need a consistently fast and stable Internet connection as you will doing a lot of video uploading.

With all the right tools at your disposal, you can start your YouTube journey confidently, and focus on being the “storygrapher” that you are.

The OPPO Reno2 is priced at RM2,299. It will officially go on sale this October 26 in Luminious Black and Sunset Pink at every OPPO Concept Store, OPPO official dealer stores or online at OPPO official website, e-commerce partners’ store at Lazada or Shopee; telco partners Celcom, Digi, Maxis, and OPPO Chainstore partners Senheng, senQ, DirectD and ThunderMatch.

OPPO Malaysia will also be holding a Reno2 roadshow on October 26 in Sunway Pyramid, LG Orange Concourse. Pre-order customers who collect their phones on 26th October 2019 in Sunway Pyramid will receive 4 exclusive gifts – OPPO extended one year Screen Protection Warranty (worth RM119) , OPPO Reno exclusive bag (worth RM199), Vooc Powerbank (worth RM269) and the brand new OPPO Enco Q1 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (worth RM599) for a total RM 1,186 worth of bonus gifts. They will also receive a lucky draw entry to stand a chance to win another unit of the Reno2!

As for customers who make their purchases on the spot at the roadshow, the first 1,000 of them will receive 3 limited editions gifts – an OPPO Reno exclusive bag, a Vooc Powerbank and the Enco Q1 for total RM1,067 worth of freebies. They too will receive a lucky draw entry to win the Reno2.

The lucky draw announcements will happen at 11am , 12pm and 1pm. If that’s not enough, free KOi bubble tea will be given to Reno2 customers during the event.


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