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The Nubia V18 is teased

ZTE has just showcased a teaser for the Nubia V18 which it plans to release on 22 March 2018. The 6-inch Nubia V18 follows after the launch of the N3 which got released in the week before it and will feature very different specifications.

V18 Teaser

A certain ZTE device known as the ZTE V890 was recently passed by TENAA recently. The device in question had a 6-inch screen. While there is no solid evidence that we are looking at the Nubia V18, there is no reason to believe it isn’t either. Worth mentioning is that ZTE’s sub-brand is also in the midst of developing a gaming smartphone although it does not seem like the Nubia V18 will be that device. More so because of the fact that the smartphone will cost only CNY 1,000 (MYR 617.04).
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