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The Nokia 9 could have an in-display fingerprint sensor, notch

A new report from China is out claiming that the Nokia 9 (2018) will have an in-display fingerprint sensor. In addition, if you are someone who do not like the notch design, you are in for some bad news. HMD is said to be fitting a big display on the device and we could end up seeing something notch-y. Of course, Nokia is not the only company doing this as many other Android smartphone makers have jumped in on the bandwagon.

Nokia 9 Not Really

The Nokia 9 (2018) will be fitted with a camera that is much better than the Penta-lens found on the Nokia 8 Pro and among other things, will be fitted with cutting-edge hardware. Little else is known about the device at this juncture, but do expect more information to leak in the coming weeks or months.

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