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The Moto G6 Plus shows up on Geekbench

Motorola’s mid-range lineup is made up of its G-range and E-range devices, both with their own following. As such, fans will want to know that there is now new information regarding the Moto G6 Plus. While it is set to be launched in Brazil in the upcoming week, little is known about the device still. That said, there is a leak where the device made itself known on Geekbench.

For one, we now know that the Moto G6 Plus will be fitted with a Snapdragon 660 CPU instead of a Snapdragon 630 previously rumoured. That said, the benchmark numbers were not all that amazing.  Instead of the 5000+ score expected from SD660 devices, the G6 Plus managed only a mere 4123. There is a likelihood that this is due to unoptimised software, so final numbers may actually be better. In any case, all will be known when the device is released.

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