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The Most Useful Android Apps for Engineering Students

There are so many things that apps can make easier, and studying is certainly one of them. Using mobile and tablet apps on Android to help you in your studies can be especially good if you are doing an online degree, as it can allow you to find things out quickly without the immediate help of other students or a tutor. Online searches can of course be great, but an app specifically designed to give solutions or information for the type of thing you are doing can be a real time saver.

If you are doing an online engineering degree, for example an online masters in civil engineering, you’ll find that a lot of the time you need tools that can help you with the math side of things. Knowing the formulae yourself is important, but while you’re studying and working through exercises, apps can be a real boon.

Here are some apps ideal for engineering students, to help with both the math and the general preparation for passing your online civil engineering program.

Wolfram Alpha

Most people interested in math, science and engineering are already familiar with the excellent Wolfram Alpha site, which serves as a kind of specialist search engine that can find answers and explanations for all kinds of things an engineering student might need to know.

What not everybody realizes is that there is also an app that lets you access the capabilities of Wolfram Alpha without using your browser.

Khan Academy

For reviewing math topics, the app for the well-respected free learning site Khan Academy is ideal, with review questions and exercises for all levels, from high school to higher degrees. This makes it great for refreshing things you feel your knowledge is a bit shaky on, and also cementing your knowledge of more advanced math.

Khan Academy has a fun & “gamified” design too, which makes revising less of a chore.

Math Formulas Pro

While technically designed for high school students, this is a handy app to have as a reference material for formulas you may need to use but have not memorized yet. It is a simple free app that lets you search for formulae under different categories, such as trigonometry, calculus and geometry, which can be quite a handy thing to have installed.


One of the biggest hassles when writing papers for your degree is getting the citations into your documents in the correct format for your school. While citations are important to the reader, they can be a bit laborious to put together.

RefMe is an app that can help you manage all of this. You can use it to put all the citations into your chosen format ready to use in your own papers, and you can also use your phone camera to scan a book you want to reference (using its bar code) to generate instant citations.

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