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The Most Hype & Strongest Flagship – realme X2 Pro with 90Hz AMOLED Display

The realme X2 Pro may just be one of the best-packaged smartphones of this year with features such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, 64MP quad-camera setup and 50W SuperVOOC Flash Charge. But there’s one more feature that further sets it apart from your typical smartphone and that is its 90Hz display.

Our smartphone typically display runs at 60Hz refresh rate and it is what our eyes are used to seeing. From scrolling to transitions, 60Hz provides a smooth-enough viewing experience dating back to the beginning of our modern smartphone era. In this case, a higher refresh rate means faster speed and a bump to 90Hz is a hugely significant one that makes a big difference to what our eyes can see. The realme X2 Pro is one of only a small number of smartphones in the market today that offer a 90Hz display, the others include the Asus ROG Phone II, OnePlus 7T Series and Google Pixel 4 among a few others.

The realme X2 Pro’s fluid 90Hz AMOLED display boasts a 50% increase in display frame rate with zero lag. You will instantly notice the difference the moment you put your finger on the display. Animations and all movements on screen become a lot more smoother than what you are used to seeing. Another big advantage to gain from a 90Hz display is none other than in gaming. Every game benefits from a smoother gameplay and the difference between 60Hz and 90Hz does make a significant impact on how a game looks and runs. This is without doubt the smoothest display in any realme smartphones to date. 

Aside from that, the realme X2 Pro’s display also supports features such as HDR10+, 100% DCI-P3 color gamuts, outdoor screen visibility, night eye protection mode and ultra-clear visual effects. It further receives the Full Care Display Certification by TUV Rheinland which solidifies the display’s eye-protection features.

90Hz display could very well be the industry standard in the near future and realme has got a headstart. You will be able to see and experience the silky smooth display for yourselves very soon as the realme X2 Pro is launching in Malaysia on December 2.


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