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The Most Hype & Strongest Flagship – realme X2 Pro with 64MP Quad Cameras

realme is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that have joined the quad-camera club. It was not long ago that they announced and released their first smartphones with four cameras at the back in the form of the realme 5 Series. They were quickly followed by the realme X2 Pro just a few months later with a similar quad-camera setup, but the upcoming release in Malaysia on December 2 takes things further to the next level.

The star of the realme X2 Pro’s quad-camera array is undoubtedly its 64MP main shooter, which is a significant leap from the realme 5 Pro’s 48MP camera. It has a 1/1.72-inch Samsung ISOCELL GW1 64MP sensor, f/1.8 large aperture, 6P lens and deploys Quad Bayer’s 4-in-1 intelligent pixel binning mechanism that combines four adjacent pixels into a single 1.6μm-large pixel, thus enhancing the resolution and quality of images taken even in low-light settings and realizing a sensational range of rich details.

The second camera highlight is its 13MP telephoto lens that is able to do 5X optical hybrid zoom as well as 20X hybrid zoom. As seen on phones like the Oppo 10x Zoom and Huawei P30 Pro, having a good zooming capability is a very handy and fun feature in certain situations, such as when you are sitting far away from the stage in a concert and you want to capture what’s on stage clearly. On the contrary, if you want to pull back the shot to get an epic landscape view or just to fit a large group of people in the frame, you can rely on the realme X2 Pro’s ultra wide-angle lens which provide a 115° field of view, Not only that, the ultra-wide angle lens is also capable of taking super macro shots and producing clear images as close as 2.5cm to the subject.

5x optical zoom (left) and 20x hybrid zoom (right)

Ultra-wide angle mode

Last but not least, a portrait lens complete the quad-camera setup. It features a new color filter system that is able to detect a wider array of light, assisting the main lens to capture light better, enhance image contrast, create retro-style images, and add texture to portraits.

Aside from its photo-taking prowess, the realme X2 Pro is also no slouch in the video department. It is able to shoot 4K resolution videos as well as 960fps/720p slow-motion videos. On top of that, its new UIS super anti-shake algorithm and built-in, highly-sensitive gyroscope corrects hand shaking in real-time to produce clear and stable videos each and every time.

The realme X2 Pro has without any doubt the best camera package of any smartphones that realme has produced to date. It is just one of the many features that the top flagship phone boasts – from being powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset to boasting 50W SuperVOOC Flash Charge technology that fully juices up the device from zero in a little over half an hour.


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