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The Choetech PowerDual 5 Coils Wireless Charging Pad Is A Decent AirPower Alternative

Apple’s AirPower may have died an unceremonious death but the AirPower dream doesn’t necessarily need to. The pill-shaped wireless charging pad proved too much even for Apple’s technological wizards to handle, which inevitably lead to the company pulling the plug off the ambitious project more than a year after revealing it to the world. In its wake, you can find a couple of AirPower-inspired charging pads out in the market and one of them comes in the form of the Choetech T535-S PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charging Pad, which we got to check out.

First thing first, the PowerDual is no AirPower. As its name suggests, it has five overlapping charging coils underneath its charging surface instead of the jaw-dropping high number of coils (rumored to be in excess of 32) that Apple is planning to put in the latter. But the shape of those two are nearly identical.The pill-shaped pad is constructed out of plastic material that is topped with anti-slip PU leather surface. There is a charging indicator light at the front side and a power slot at the back which connects a USB Type-C cable to a power source. At the bottom, you will find anti-slip pads on each corner as well as some heat dissipation holes. The whole pad is rather lightweight on hand.

The charging surface is fit for two smartphones placed vertically next to each other, or a smartphone with any smaller gadget that supports wireless charging. It is Qi-based so it will work with the majority of wirelessly-charging devices out there. But it also means that it won’t work with something like the Apple Watch which uses Apple’s property charging standard.

The PowerDual supports fast wireless charging in a total of three charging modes (10W, 7.5W and 5W) depending on the device that is charging. Fast wireless charging can only be activated when used with a Quick Charge 3.0 supported power brick. Your iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR will be able to charge up to 7.5W and 10W if you own one of the latest Android phones from Samsung. In my own usage, my iPhone X usually takes around 2 hours plus to 3 hours to go from below 10% to full percentage.

With the more standard circle-shaped wireless charging pad that usually comes with a single coil, you would normally need to align your smartphone to the centre of the pad to pick up any charge and this can be annoying if your device tends to slip off-centre during mid-charge (which also happens to be a personal pet peeve based on past experiences with other wireless charging pads) Therein lies the obvious advantage of the PowerDual with a large charging surface that sits above five overlapping coils. I can just throw my phone down haphazardly on the charger without any specific orientation or alignment and it picks up a charge for most of the time. The anti-slip PU leather top does it job well in securing the charging phone’s position besides making the whole thing look classier than your average wireless charging pad. It will definitely not look out of place in any stylish desk setup.

Of course, to take full advantage of the PowerDual you would need at least 2 or more devices that can charge wirelessly. If you own at least two smartphones with that feature, then this is the perfect wireless charging pad for you. It is also a great charging solution for iPhone (or Android phone) owners who have just bought the 2nd-generation AirPods with wireless charging case. The ease of charging two devices wirelessly at the same time is one of the best conveniences that owners of multiple tech gadgets could have. The AirPower may be no more, but Choetech’s T535-S PowerDual might just be the next best thing you are looking for.

It is available online on the Choetech online store for the price of USD51.99. Use the code IP535EY to get 40% off and purchase it at only USD31.19. In Malaysia, you can get it via the official Choetech online store or Lazada at the current retail price of RM127.40.


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