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The Camera Might Just Be The vivo V15 Series’ Best Feature Yet

“The best camera is the one you have with you”, so goes the saying. Everyone has a camera which they carry around with them in today’s smartphone-dominated world. Unless you are a serious photography enthusiast and hobbyist who lugs around a dedicated point-and-shoot/DSLR everywhere you go, our smartphone camera is the one with which we capture our lives’ most precious and unforgettable moments. 

On capable hands, our smartphones are able to produce wonders. While nothing can rival that of professional-grade cameras, you don’t really need them to have fantastic-looking images. We have seen some truly awesome shots taken on smartphones. This is once again shown on pictures taken by mobile photography enthusiasts Victor Ng, Wisely Chee and Arthur Chen. Using the vivo V15 Pro and V15 respectively, they were able to produce some pretty breathtaking shots.

In daytime, they were able to get clear and vivid shots. Both phones come with a trio of rear cameras and one of them is an ultra-wide angle lens, enabling users to take sweeping landscape shots such as these. The cameras also have AI features built-in so getting these shots are actually not that difficult with the software assistance. AI takes all the hard work out of producing great-looking pictures as they work their magic in the background.

It is not only in bright daylights that the V15 Pro and the V15 excels in as the phones are just as capable in taking some pretty shots when the sun is down, as evidenced in the shots taken during nighttime.

The V15 Pro specifically has AI Super Night Mode which works by capturing multiple photos at different exposures, and then combining them to greatly improve brightness and clarity. Once again the AI makes things super easy and you don’t even need a tripod to capture the perfect night still.

These pictures prove once again that you don’t really need an expensive DSLR to capture shots that you will be proud to show to the world. The V15 and V15 Pro are both capable, feature-laden shooters that will get the job done just as well and they do not cost a bomb. They are much, much lighter too so they are the perfect pocket companion for when you are going about your daily lives or traveling around the world capturing enduring moments in the best light possible.

To know more about the vivo V15 Series, you can head over to their product page here.


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