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Take Control Of Your Internet Usage With Audra, Available Exclusively On 11street

Internet addiction is a real problem and it has reach a critical stage where everyone from adults to teens as young as 13 couldn’t get themselves off the Internet when they really should. The prevalence of cybersecurity issues further compounded the problem. “Digital wellness” has become one of the hottest issues in recent times as almost every major companies from Apple to Facebook have introduced some sort of measures to help users get some time off the Internet for good measure.

The need to have a firm control of our Internet usage has never been greater. If you are a homemaker or a business owner eager to bring back some balance to our online/offline life, you can take a look at Audra, a unique internet security solution that lets you set your own rules for Internet usage in your homes and offices.

Audra is a combination between a gateway device and a cloud-based service that sits between a modem and a router and acts as an additional layer of control and protection to regulate users’ internet usage. With Audra, users can control things such as restrict content and websites, setting browsing time limits as well as defend networks from phishing, viruses and attacks on the IOT (Internet of Things) enabled environment.

Audra is offering two variants here – Audra Home and Audra Business. Audra Home is a simply plug-and-play setup system with an inbuilt router that optimises parental controls while Audra Business is a gateway device attached to an existing wifi router that lets business owners set the rules for better staff productivity with real-time control of the office wireless networks with the Audra Management App. Besides that, it also lets business owners block incoming malware and adware and protect against any form of data leaks and digital threats with the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack prevention.

Audra is partnering with 11street to bring their products into Malaysia – the first country in Southeast Asia where Audra is made available to the public. Available exclusively on the online shopping platform, Audra Home has an annual subscription package at RM699 and can be utilised by up to 20 users at a time. On the other hand, Audra Business retails at RM999 annually and can accommodate up to 100 concurrent users. However, customers who purchase the Audra internet security solution in the first three months will be entitled to have their second year of subscription fee waived, which amount to huge savings.

Head over to the Audra Official Store on 11street to purchase. 0% easy payment plan is available in 6 or 12 months.


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