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Wiko Ufeel Go – Go For Long-Lasting Battery & Great Value For Money!

By now you would have heard of Wiko and its range of interesting smartphones that offer tremendous value-for-money for what they worth. This year they launched their Ufeel Range smartphones series on our shore which comprises the Ufeel, Ufeel Lite and Ufeel Prime, which was just launched here last month and which you can learn   » read more…

Wiko Ufeel Prime Is A Prime Candidate For One Of The Best Sub-RM1,000 Smartphones

Earlier this year, Wiko launched the mid-range U-Range smartphone series on our shores by debuting the Ufeel and Ufeel Lite. In addition to being affordable (by costing less than RM700), they offer something unique to users within this price range with sandstone build material (Ufeel) and a premium metal design (Ufeel Lite). The focus has   » read more…

Wiko Mobile Makes A Comeback With 3 Affordable Metal Smartphones

At the beginning of this year, a mobile phone company from France made a splash on the Malaysian market by bringing us such memorable smartphones such as the Fever, Highway Pure and Lenny2 which bring a unique flavor to the table. Fast forward a couple months later, Wiko Mobile is back with three brand new   » read more… | title loans orange county | bankruptcy foreclosure home loan refinance | title loans orange county | bankruptcy foreclosure home loan refinance