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vivo V11’s AI Camera Shows That Beautiful Night Shots Can Be Done On A Smartphone

You’ve certainly heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) in smartphones. While AI functions in a lot of different ways when implemented on smartphones, one of its most prominent and best usage is in the camera. So what can AI do anyway that normal smartphone cameras without any AI assistance can’t? The simple answer is   » read more…

AI Photography of vivo V11

The art of photography has already undergone a fundamental transformation with the rise of camera phones. That transformation is set to evolve to another level with the science of photography being the focus emerging AI-embedded smartphones. AI-powered cameras promise a better ‘read’ of different photography settings and can automate functions that could take months or   » read more…

How To Take Perfect Shots With The vivo V11 AI Camera

vivo first introduced AI camera features on the V9 with AI Bokeh and AI HDR to make getting that perfect Instagram shot that much easier with some form of advanced assistance. Their latest release, the V11, not only improves on what the V9 does but adds several more AI features that cover even more grounds   » read more…

V11’s AI Game Mode brings you a better gaming experience

The newly updated AI Game Mode keeps your favorite functions such as Floating Call Alerts, Background Calls and the Game Keyboard, while adding features such as the new Game Assistant. A quick sideways swipe gives you easy access to all the above functions, so you can choose what to turn on or off, all without   » read more… | no document loan | | no document loan |