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Upcoming vivo S1 Has Just Passed SIRIM & Will Be Sporting A 4,500mAh Battery

As we get closer to the vivo S1 launch here, vivo Malaysia has shared more info about the smartphone, giving us a better idea of what to expect from their upcoming new release. We do not yet know when is the launch and release date, but we do know what it looks like all around   » read more…

Here’s Your Rear Look At The Incoming vivo S Series

vivo Malaysia has given us our first glimpse of their new S Series smartphone, just days after teasing its arrival into our market. We get a good look at the phone’s rear, revealing a few interesting tidbits of information. It will come with a triple camera setup that – like most triple-cam smartphones these days   » read more…

Siri telefon pintar Vivo S akan memasuki pasaran Malaysia tidak lama lagi

Vivo Malaysia secara rasminya telah mengumumkan bahawa syarikat ini akan memperkenalkan siri telefon pintar Vivo S ke pasaran tempatan. Siri Vivo S ini dikatakan adalah sama seperti ap yang dilancarkan dipasaran China namun dengan spesifikasi yang berbeza untuk pasaran Malaysia. Ini adalah sesuatu yang logik memandangkan Vivo S1 dan Vivo S1 Pro yang ditawarkan di   » read more…

vivo Is Bringing New Midrange S Series To Malaysia

We are all pretty familiar with vivo’s smartphone lineup in Malaysia. There’s the main V series and the more entry level Y series. The NEX series makes an appearance once in a while as a showcase of the latest smartphone innovations. Soon, we could be seeing an all-new S series joining the family. vivo Malaysia   » read more… | non homeowner loans | title loans illinois | city bank student loans | non homeowner loans | title loans illinois | city bank student loans