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Smartphones may become more expensive in China


One of the major shocks in the financial sector was the fluctuation in price of the Chinese Yuan to the US Dollar. Both currencies had been trading at fairly stable prices, but the turbulence in the Chinese economy and mounting debt sent the Renminbi (RMB) crashing. China’s Foreign Exchange Trade Center warned the Yuan would   » read more…

Supercapacitor technology to power tomorrow’s batteries


Smartphone batteries have been the slowest technology to be improved in comparison to the device it powers, but that might change soon. There is a currently a certain Supercapacitor Tech from the University of Central Florida where apparently a supercapacitor battery prototype has been developed which can last 20 times longer than the current lithium-ion   » read more…

You may be fined for using your phone even at traffic lights

Smartphone Driving

Transport Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai revealed that the usage of mobile phones has been a primary cause for road accidents in Malaysia, which is not particularly surprising. In any case, this is a serious problem and the police are taking the matter seriously, according to federal traffic investigation and enforcement department   » read more…

Finally! An App That Updates You On Malaysia’s Telco Plans

MY-Mobile-Righs-drake-m88 (1)

The smartphone and telco industry has never been more competitive than it is today. To capitalize on its momentum, the Multimedia and Communications Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has officially launched a new smartphone app which not only assist you to pick the right telco plan, but also allows you to complain any problems to   » read more…

Smartphone? Or Handgun?

Gun Smartphone

A company known as Ideal Conceal has developed a handgun intentionally to look like a smartphone. To be sold for USD 395 (RM 1,537.16), the company claims that they have gotten over 2,500 interested customers. Its creator, Kirk Kjellberg told CNN the following: Kjellberg has a concealed carry permit and said he got the idea when he was   » read more…

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