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Dual display smartphone prototype being worked on by Samsung

Bend That

Apart from a rumoured foldable display smartphone, Samsung is said to be working on testing a prototype phone with dual displays. Two OLED screens will be connected in the middle by a hinge, which will open and close like a clamshell device. The device will be different from the Galaxy X which is expected to   » read more…

Future smartphones to also have foldable memory

Graphene Memory

With companies reported to push for the launch of bendable smartphones, such devices will also have to feature flexible components. A new kind of storage system which can be used on forthcoming bendable smartphones have been discovered by researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK. The new flexible storage system for bendable phones would be   » read more…

Self-healing display invented by chemists

Bunch of smartphones

University of California chemists have made a new self-healing smartphone display material which is capable of just that. Essentially, one of the most troublesome problems that smartphone owners are likely to face. The new display, which is made from stretchable polymer and an ionic salt, was put through a series of trials to test its self-healing   » read more…

Smartphones may become more expensive in China


One of the major shocks in the financial sector was the fluctuation in price of the Chinese Yuan to the US Dollar. Both currencies had been trading at fairly stable prices, but the turbulence in the Chinese economy and mounting debt sent the Renminbi (RMB) crashing. China’s Foreign Exchange Trade Center warned the Yuan would   » read more…

Supercapacitor technology to power tomorrow’s batteries


Smartphone batteries have been the slowest technology to be improved in comparison to the device it powers, but that might change soon. There is a currently a certain Supercapacitor Tech from the University of Central Florida where apparently a supercapacitor battery prototype has been developed which can last 20 times longer than the current lithium-ion   » read more…

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