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Nikmati diskaun sehingga RM 200 bagi pembelian telefon pintar Realme di Shopee pada 17 Jun ini

Sempena kempen penjualan Shopee Men’s Day, Realme Malaysia juga telah mengumumkan satu penjualan khas ada 17 Jun yang menawarkan promosi menarik bagi pembelian telefon Realme yang terpilih. Penjualan khas Realme ini hanya sah untuk tempoh 24-jam sahaja dan anda boleh menikmati penjimatan sehingga RM 200. Realme akan menawarkan diskaun bagi tiga model telefon pintar Realme   » read more…

Upcoming Shopee Men’s Sale Includes Discount Deals For realme Smartphones

With their Raya promotions done and dusted, Shopee is gearing up for their next major sale campaign and this time all the men and boys will rejoice. The Shopee Men’s Sale will be happening from June 13 to June 23 and it promises deals especially for all your gadget and electronic needs. There will be   » read more… | | car loans for any credit | loan application register | | car loans for any credit | loan application register