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Part 2: The Selfiephone

Hello fellow Selfie fanatic mortals, let me share with you the weapon of mass shooting! So what makes an ultimate Selfiephone. All smartphones in the market comes with a front camera, operated by either an Android or IOS platform. Well it’s the hardware and technology which drives it. Introducing vivo’s latest Selfiephone, the V7 and   » read more…

Part 1 : Smartphones vs Selfiephones

If you are looking for a device that captures most of your good looks by yourself or with your family and friends rather than send emails or surf the internet, you are in for a treat…. You can buy any smartphones out there with great selfie cameras. Some may cost up to RM RM5,000 like   » read more…

Selfie Phones – Which Of These Five Is The Best Of The Best?

Just over a few years ago, a smartphone’s camera prowess is all about its main rear camera with the front-facing one barely getting any worthwhile mention. As the selfie phenomenon grows over the past few years, the front camera, or now the “selfie camera” has taken on a much more important, so much so that   » read more…

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