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Recording Clear And Fluid Movements With The Samsung Galaxy S10

With superb lenses and technology advancements, imaging from smart phones are no longer limited to only great photos but doubles up as a capable video recorder as well. If you’ve always wanted to produce high quality videos with the convenience of a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s pro-level action camera now gives you the power   » read more…

Samsung Made Avengers-Themed Cases For The Galaxy S10 & S10+ And They’re For Free

Samsung Malaysia has made buying their Galaxy S10 and S10+ flagship phones all the more tempting now, if you haven’t already be tempted by their specs and features to go out and get them at launch. Good things do indeed come to those who wait. Bonus points if you happen to a massive Marvel fan.   » read more…

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Variant Is Now Available In Malaysia

Samsung has been selling the Galaxy S10+ that maxes out at 512GB in Malaysia for awhile now. But even if that seems peanuts for you, you can now finally opt for the 1TB variant which has just been made available here over the weekend. Not only does it have more storage than many laptops out   » read more…

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