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Recording Clear And Fluid Movements With The Samsung Galaxy S10

With superb lenses and technology advancements, imaging from smart phones are no longer limited to only great photos but doubles up as a capable video recorder as well. If you’ve always wanted to produce high quality videos with the convenience of a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s pro-level action camera now gives you the power   » read more…

Beli Galaxy S10+ Versi 1TB dan dapatkan Galaxy A9 (2019) secara percuma

Samsung Galaxy S10+ telah mula dijual di Malaysia sejak bulan lalu dan telefon pintar ini ditawarkan didalam dua kapasiti memori dalaman iaitu 128GB dan 512GB. Walaubagiamanapun, Samsung Mobile Malaysia telah mengumumkan penawaran Galaxy S10+ didalam kapasiti 1TB yang turut disertakan dengan 12GB RAM. Galaxy S10+ versi 1TB ini hadir dengan harga penjualan RM 5,999 dan   » read more… | first time car loan | | interest rate loans | first time car loan | | interest rate loans