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Sebanyak 2,500 unit Realme 2 Pro berjaya dijual didalam masa 3 jam

Selepas dilancarkan di Malaysia pada 7 November yang lalu, penjualan Realme 2 Pro telah bermula pada 11 November yang lalu iaitu sempena kempen penjualan 11.11 Big Sale Shopee. Realme 2 Pro yang ditawarkan secara eksklusif di Shopee telah mendapat sambutan yang sangat menggalakan dengan 2,500 unit telah berjaya dijual didalam masa 3 jam selepas penjualan   » read more…

Realme Steps Into The Malaysia Market With Three Affordably-Priced Smartphones

Realme has officially debuted in Malaysia. The very-new smartphone brand has been taking several Asian markets the likes of India and Indonesia by storm since it announces its inception in May. And now that they’re here – bringing along not one, not two, but a total of three smartphones to our local market – we   » read more…

Realme 2 dan Realme C1 turut dilancarkan di Malaysia

Selain Realme 2 Pro, Realme turut melancarkan Realme 2 dan Realme C1 ke pasaran tempatan. Realme 2 hadir dengan skrin paparan 19:9 berukuran 6.2-inci, pemproses Snapdragon 450, kamera utama 13MP + 2MP, kamera selfie 8MP dan bateri berkapasiti 4,230mAh. Realme 2 ini hadir dengan reka bentuk panel belakang potongan berlian yang sangat menarik dan dilihat   » read more…

Realme Will Officially Enter Malaysia In November

A new smartphone brand that focuses on providing “high quality smartphones” which are easy on the wallets are slowly making waves in the industry. Realme, which has only announced its inception in May, is all set to debut here as soon as in November. From India to Indonesia , Realme has seen some really impressive   » read more… | get a cash loan | | get a cash loan |