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Oppo F5 6GB kini tiba di Malaysia pada harga RM 1,698


Oppo Malaysia secara rasminya telah memperkenalkan satu lagi versi telefon pintar pro selfie mereka iaitu Oppo F5 6GB. Oppo F5 6GB ini adalah model yang memiliki kesemua spesifikasi yang sama seperti Oppo F5 namun dengan kapasiti RAM yang lebih tinggi iaitu 6GB selain memori simpanan dalaman 64GB. Oppo F5 merupakan telefon pintar pertama Oppo untuk   » read more…

A Closer Look At The Brand New Oppo F5 6GB (Red Edition)


The much-anticipated Oppo F5 6GB has finally made its debut in Malaysia and with it, a brand new color option. No matter you prefer the new sexy red or the stealthy black, both options are sure to up your fashionista game. With more RAM packed in, you will be able to enjoy an even smoother   » read more…

The Oppo F5 6GB Will Also Be Coming In Stylish Black


In just a couple more days, Oppo will officially launch the Oppo F5 6GB (Red Edition) here. The more powerful variant comes in a bold and attention-grabbing hue for the daring mobile phone users. However, if you prefer something more understated but no less stylish in its own way, you’ll be delighted to know that   » read more…

A More Affordable Oppo F5 Will Debut In Malaysia Very Soon

F5 Youth

Besides the Oppo F5 6GB (Red Edition) that is set to debut in Malaysia on December 6, Oppo Malaysia will also be bringing in another variant of their F5 – which introduces a proper edge-to-edge display with 18:9 aspect ratio and an A.I. powered selfie camera to an Oppo smartphone for the first time. The   » read more…

Oppo F5 6GB (Red Edition) Will Be Opened For Pre-order In Malaysia On Dec 6


A sexier and more powerful Oppo F5 is set to paint the town red. Seen most recently during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 in Shanghai, China, the Oppo F5 6GB (Red Edition) is coming to Malaysia real soon so you can start drooling over the striking device now. Oppo Malaysia will open pre-orders for   » read more…

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