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Finally! An App That Updates You On Malaysia’s Telco Plans

MY-Mobile-Righs-drake-m88 (1)

The smartphone and telco industry has never been more competitive than it is today. To capitalize on its momentum, the Multimedia and Communications Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has officially launched a new smartphone app which not only assist you to pick the right telco plan, but also allows you to complain any problems to   » read more…

This SmartWatch Runs On Android Marshmallow


Haier is known for producing Android smartphones and the company has recently also unveiled a new smartwatch during the Mobile World Congress 2016 event. This smartwatch introduced by Haier is called Haier Watch and is expected to run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow instead of the usual Android Wear OS. Haier Watch carries a 1.4-inch screen   » read more…

VoLte 2 Shows Up At Lazada With 2GB RAM For Only RM399


ExMobile has officially launched their latest smartphone called VoLte 2 to the Malaysian market and now is available at Lazada for RM399. VoLte is a relatively new smartphone brand which is known for its good quality and high value for money. VoLte 2 features a 2.5D curved glass screen on the front while the rear is covered with   » read more…

Nokia To Make A Huge Come Back With The Nokia C1


After Nokia was acquired by Microsoft, the Nokia brand was apparently slowly fading away from the smartphone industry. But the company has refused to admit defeat and it seems that Nokia is going to to launch a new mid-range smartphone called Nokia C1 which carries a 5-inch Full HD display and powered by an Intel processor couple with 2GB of RAM. It’s rumored that   » read more…

You Can Now Pre-Order The OnePlus X Via Lazada For RM1288

oneplus-x-preorder-malaysia-lazada-600x328 OnePlus X

The latest edition to the OnePlus series, OnePlus X can now be pre-ordered at Lazada Malaysia for RM1288 inclusive of GST. The smartphone is offered by Brightstar Malaysia and will begin shipping to customers starting from December 4, 2015. The OnePlus X carries a 5-inch AMOLED Full HD display and is powered by Snapdragon 801 processor   » read more…

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