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Why 5G Network Could Change The Internet Forever!


The world today is in the midst of developing 4G LTE and it will take several years to realize its full potential, mainly because technology has not fully exploited all the possibilities of 4G. But this does not mean that developers are not looking into 5G, some companies are already working on it, and it   » read more…

Google Translate now works in Android applications

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Language translation within applications is now a tool in which is growing in demand while users and companies have drawn increasing value to it.  The best online translating tool is indeed Google Translate, which has over 200 million traffic a day, but sometimes is not taken seriously as its not precise and fluid. Despite that,   » read more…

You Can Buy The iPhone 6s Via UMobile’s MicroCredit

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Last week various telco companies in Malaysia has started marketing the registration and pre-order for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as it is the most anticipated and advance iPhone currently. UMobile was one of the first telco companies to advertise the pre-order availability of these 2 devices. Today, UMobile announced that it offers MicroCredit   » read more…

Maxis to Deliver the iPhone 6s Within 24 Hours

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Maxis uploaded a video at its Youtube channel, announcing that they will deliver the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus within 24 hours to any location in Malaysia. Maxis mention that the product in question will be made available starting from 16 October, 2015 . Maxis ensured that they would send it into any location in Malaysia   » read more…

5 Things HERE Maps does better than Apple Maps & Google Maps


Formerly known as Ovi Maps/Nokia Maps, HERE Maps can now be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows devices, hence accessible to various smartphone devices. Despite released after a year, HERE Maps continues to be the most underrated map service, taking a back seat to Google Maps and Apple Maps respectively. HERE Maps is indeed a   » read more…