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Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent team up to take everyone else on

Nokia Alcatel

Two familiar names in the phone manufacturing industry, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent have confirmed that the two companies are at the final stages of talks of their merger. A statement issued through their respective websites seem to hint at Nokia taking over all of Alcatel-Lucent. Furthermore, Bloomberg has already reported that Nokia was about to let its maps   » read more…

Microsoft Lumia 532 Goes On Sale In Malaysia This March 27

Lumia 532

Another Lumia smartphone has just joined Microsoft’s offering in Malaysia, slowly but surely expanding its presence here. The Lumia 532 is a very affordable dual SIM smartphone that offers the latest Windows Phone 8.1 experience. Priced at just RM379, the Lumia 532 will be available starting this Friday (March 27) in standard white and black   » read more…

Microsoft Unveils Cheapest Lumia Phone – The Lumia 430


How many more mid-range to low-cost phones that Microsoft (and previously Nokia) can come out with? If you are not confused yet in differentiating all of them, here is another one to add to the library. Microsoft has just announced the Lumia 430, touted as the most affordable Windows Phone at the moment. But wait,   » read more…

Samsung Will Get Slaughtered By 2020, Predicts Cyanogen CEO


Samsung is definitely riding the high wave at the moment. Their newest flagships, the Galaxy S6 and its “edge “ variant have been getting glowing reviews from the MWC 2015 camp and a record 20 million pre-orders. They genuinely looked like they have made a triumphant comeback. But in 5 years time, they are going   » read more…

The Nokia N1 – An iPad mini with Android built-in

Nokia N1 Tablet

Microsoft put to rest the Nokia smartphone brand, but in a phoenix-esque fashion, the Finnish company rose from the dead to introduce the Nokia N1, its first Android tablet that runs on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. Yes, it is not the TV set top box we were initially led to believe, although that could   » read more…

Dual SIM, Internet-Ready Nokia 215 Available Now For RM139


Throwback. A word so widely and often used by social media users these days. When it comes to mobile phones, who can forget the good old days when having a mobile phone means having a Nokia? You know, the era populated with Nokia phones with actual keypads (and a navigation pad to boot). Microsoft is   » read more…

Nokia may enter the laptop market


Down but not out for the count, Nokia seems set on reinvigorating the business by entering a segment which isn’t all too familiar to them. Following the release of their first ever tablet, the Finnish company seems to have their eyes set on the laptop market. Before you get too excited, do take note that   » read more…

New Windows Phone Interface Spotted, Could It Be Windows 10?

Windows Phone 10 leak

For long, Windows Phone users have to see their iOS and Android counterparts receive major software updates to their phones that bring a whole new look and interface. Apple users get a whole new look for their devices after updating to iOS 7 while Android 5.0 Lollipop brings a fresh approach on how an Android   » read more…