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Lenovo to officially disappear from the Smartphone market?


It is common knowledge that Lenovo has purchase Motorola from Google last year. Ahead of the 1 year anniversary of the acquisition a statement officially released by Lenovo mention that Motorola will be absorbed into the company and Lenovo will officially disappear from the Smartphone market. The design, development and sales of Lenovo’s mobile devices will be left   » read more…

The Nokia 222 is a feauture-packed feature phone

Nokia 222

Because some of us just wants a device to make calls, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about those people quite just yet. For those who still appreciate having an ultra-budget mobile phone, Nokia has got you covered. The company has just announced the Nokia 222 which will cost a mere USD37 (MYR 156.79 ) Suited for those   » read more…

A Quick Look At The Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus


At the fall of 2014, Nokia came up with various smartphone which focused on its ability to take extraordinary selfie which were labeled under “Flash”. Yesterday, TCL announced the availability of Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus which can be purchased through Lazada at the cost of RM549. A rather generous price tag, the device is cheaper   » read more…

Voice Bridge – Allows you to Answer Lan Line Phone Calls Via Your Smartphone

Voice-Bridge-1a - Copy

I have a Lan line at home which is rarely used. Despite sitting in my house for almost four years I couldn’t even memorized my own home-phone’s number. Since the invention of smartphone, almost all Lan line at home suffers the same fate although the classic home-phones are much more comfortable to talk on and will not drain   » read more…

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus Camera Replacement Program


Apple announced a camera replacement program for the iPhone 6 Plus which is having problems with the camera as it reportedly been shooting vague images. Only the iPhone 6 Plus devices that was sold from September 2014 to January 2015 are involved in this program. If your iPhone 6 Plus have any symptoms of blurred and   » read more…