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The international version of the Nokia X6 briefly appears

The Nokia X6 showed up briefly on Nokia’s website on 20 June 2018 before having its listing promptly removed. Of course, nothing is truly forgotten by the Internet, as there is a Google cache version of the webpage available. Of course, if you cannot be bothered, eagle-eyed reports caught a glimpse. What was shown implies   » read more…

The international version for the Nokia X6 is imminent

HMD Global could be launching the Nokia X6 outside mainland China very soon, with Taiwan looking to be the likeliest destination next. The device has just been certified by Taiwan’s NCC. The Nokia X6 is listed with the model number TA-1103, which is similar to the China version (TA-1099). The TA-1103 also got its Bluetooth   » read more…

The Nokia X6 could be launched on 27 April 2018

HMD Global will purportedly be hosting a launch event in China on 27 April 2018. The smart money is on Nokia showing off a refreshed Nokia X from 2014 or the flagship Nokia X/ Nokia 10. A new report has come in claiming that we will in fact be seeing the Nokia X6. From what   » read more… | quick home loans | loan charge offs | | quick home loans | loan charge offs |