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Apple memohon maaf kerana memperlahankan iPhone yang lama


Apple telah mengeluarkan satu kenyataan permohonan maaf selepas Apple didapati memperlahankan model iPhone yang lama bagi meningkatkan permintaan model iPhone yang baru. Apple kini sedang didakwa dimakhamah dengan sengaja memperlahakan prestasi model iPhone yang lama iaitu sebelum pelancaran model baru namun Apple memberikan penjelasan yang berlainan bagi tindakan ini. Apple berkata selepas satu tempoh, bateri   » read more…

You Can Now Buy The iPhone 6 32GB In Malaysia


You may have heard of the iPhone 6 32GB model that was launched in the China and Taiwan market earlier this month and the good news is it has also been brought to our shores courtesy of Apple authorized retailer, Switch. The iPhone 6 32GB is an update to the 2014-released phone with double the   » read more…

Add more space to your iPhone with this case

Sandisk iXpand

16GB iPhones are a staple still among many iOS users, but don’t let that stop you if you need additional storage. SanDisk’s iXpand case has built-in flash storage which expands your smartphone’s internal memory to 128GB. The case in question connects via the Lightning connector and is able to backup your photos and password protect your   » read more…

Finally! An App That Updates You On Malaysia’s Telco Plans

MY-Mobile-Righs-drake-m88 (1)

The smartphone and telco industry has never been more competitive than it is today. To capitalize on its momentum, the Multimedia and Communications Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has officially launched a new smartphone app which not only assist you to pick the right telco plan, but also allows you to complain any problems to   » read more…

Could This Be The iPhone 5SE/iPhone SE?

iPhone SE (2)

Apple will (thankfully) put all the intense speculations to rest on March 21 (March 22 in Malaysia) when they will be holding their first major event of the year in which a couple of devices are expected to be announced. By now we are sure you have heard everything you need to know about the   » read more…

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