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Pokémon GO has a big update

Pokemon GO

After much deliberation, Niantic finally went through with its huge update for Pokémon GO. Players will be now able to add creatures from the Johto compendium to their collection. The new monsters can be found the usual way out in the real world. Along with new faces, the developers have also added some new features: While catching Pokémon,   » read more…

The latest version of iOS makes battery problems worse


There are reports which claim that Apple’s iOS 10.2 update is making battery life problems worse for some iPhone users. The update was supposed to introduce improvements and feature additions to the platform, but ended up worsening issues certain users have with power and devices shutting down randomly on iOS 10.1.1. With iOS 10.2, the issue has   » read more…

Fake shopping apps flooding iTunes


The App Store is reported to be increasingly populated with fake shopping apps ahead of the holiday shopping period. Developers are purportedly submitting apps that take the names and logos of well-known brands in order to dupe consumers. For an example, there is one app called Puma Shoes, containing the very familiar looking Puma wording with the majestic   » read more…

Powerful & Compact Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker by Oppo Digital Lands In Malaysia


We all know Oppo as a smartphone manufacturer but not everyone knows that they make other electronic products as well such as high end audio and video equipment under the Oppo Digital brand. In fact , Oppo released their PM-3 Planar Magnetic Headphones to great reviews on our shores last year. This year, Oppo is back   » read more…

Apple iOS dan WatchOS 3 kini mula ditawarkan kepada pengguna


Seperti dijanjikan Apple secara rasminya telah mula menawarkan sistem operasi Apple iOS 10 bagi peranti Apple yang layak iaitu dari model iPhone 5 dan ke atas, iPod Touch generasi ke-6, iPad 4 dan ke atas, iPad Air, iPad Pro, dan akhir sekalai iPad Mini 2 dan ke atas. Penawaran sistem operasi Apple iOS 10 ini   » read more…

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