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The Google Pixel 3a is easy to tear down

The good people over at iFixit has gotten their hands on the Google Pixel 3a, given us a glimpse into its build quality and innards. Among other things, iFixit stated that the device is easy to open and does not require an iOpener. The screen was able to be popped off fairly easily without needing   » read more…

New details on the Google Pixel 3a series surface

It would seem that Google has inadvertently revealed the yet-to-be-announced Pixel 3a device. The Google Store received an update for its website navigation, where selecting “Phone” in the app bar opens up a list that reveals the Pixel 3a with a “NEW” label. In addition, Google included a protective case to go along the new   » read more… | emergency cash payday loan | | emergency cash payday loan |