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Screen wakeup on the Samsung Galaxy S8 leads to battery drain

Galaxy Note 8 Dunk

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is experiencing inadvertent screen wakeup which subsequently is causing battery drain. Several users have gone to the official Samsung community and Reddit to post videos detailing exactly what it going on. At first the issue is seemingly limited to the Galaxy S8 and S8+, although apparently some Note   » read more…

Camera focus bug reported by Galaxy S8 owners

Samsung Galaxy S8

Reports are claiming that a number of Samsung Galaxy S8 owners have gone to Samsung’s Community Forum to report an issue that is preventing their devices from automatically focusing when taking pictures through default Camera application and third-party apps such as Snapchat. In case you are wondering, no, the manual focus does not work either.   » read more…

The Microsoft Galaxy S8 is now on sale

MIcrosoft Galaxy S8

Yes, you read that right. Microsoft is now selling the Microsoft Edition of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on its online store in the US. In case you are wondering, the Microsoft’s take on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, includes its productivity tools, Cortana and its brand new Microsoft Launcher. In terms of specifications, the   » read more…

Mobile Choice Consumer Awards names the Galaxy S8 phone of the year

Galaxy S8 Sample

At the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was named the phone of the year. In addition, the smartphone won the award for Best Camera Phone of 2017, while Samsung took home the title of Manufacturer of the Year.   Given the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco which took place in 2016, it is   » read more…

The Pink Samsung Galaxy S8 to be out soon in Europe

Pink Galaxy S8

A retailer based in the Netherlands has confirmed that the Pink Galaxy S8 will be officially sold in Europe soon. Samsung had previously launched the Pink variant of the Galaxy S8+ in Taiwan in June 2017. New colour aside, this is the same Galaxy S8 that you already know, so there is no real to   » read more…

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