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The Samsung Galaxy Mega saves man from getting killed in China

Samsung Galaxy Mega

According 9to5Google which points us to a story in Chinese website AppleDaily, a man was shot but came out relatively unscathed, as the bullet was blocked by his Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 phablet. As it turns out, the victim got into a minor argument  with a man who then whipped out a gun and fired   » read more…

7-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 coming soon?


Amidst all the furor over new ultra-affordable smartphones coming out of China, leading Android device maker Samsung has quietly continued its march towards market share dominance with the upcoming Galaxy Mega 7.0, the latest in the Korean firm’s ever-expanding lineup of Galaxy devices. After last year’s Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3, the latest   » read more…

Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus Announced, Successor To The Mega 5.8


In keeping with their tradition of releasing various variants of their smartphone line, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Mega Plus, an upgrade to their Galaxy Mega 5.8 phablet. This will be the third addition to the Galaxy Mega series alongside the Galaxy Mega 6.3. The new phablet’s upgrade from its base model only confined to   » read more…

Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Galaxy Note 3 – Ultimate Samsung phablet showdown


Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 was announced with along with the noticeably smaller Galaxy Mega 5.8 on April 2013 while the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was launched at the IFA show this past September in Berlin. While the Galaxy Note has been the large screen flagbearer for Samsung these past few years, the Galaxy Mega variants   » read more…

8 more Samsung smartphones to be compatible with the Galaxy Gear soon


The Galaxy Gear smartwatch may have been made available for purchase locally exactly a month ago from today but the general consensus is that not many people may have gotten it yet, even if they wanted to. The reason? It is currently compatible with only one device, the Galaxy Note 3. Not everyone can get   » read more…

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