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Facebook caught paying users to access their devices

Facebook does not seem to be able to catch any breaks as it was recently discovered that the social network had been paying people on the side to let them gain total access to their mobile devices. Purportedly, Facebook users between the age of 13 and 25 years were paid a monthly fee of USD   » read more…

Facebook is working on its on cryptocurrency

According to a report by Bloomberg, Facebook is currently developing its own form of cryptocurrency. Specifically, the cryptocurrency serves to have WhatsApp be able to transfer money between one another. The service will launch in the remittances market in India. In order to ensure that its crypto-dollar is actually worth something, Facebook is attempting to develop   » read more…

Facebook users compromised through browser extensions

Once again, Facebook users are being compromised, with more accounts having been breached. Hackers are at it again, and this time around they have exploited a third-party browser extension. Personal shopping assistants, task-specific applications, and game extension were were among those exploited by hackers to gain access to user accounts. Overall, the details of over   » read more…

Facebook extends the account deletion grace period

If you are planning to delete your Facebook account, you may want to know that grace period has been extended from 14 days to 30 days. In other words, you have a whole month to think through your decision of permanently erasing your presence from the social media network. Facebook made the extension after it   » read more… | arrow loan arranger | income based loan | arrow loan arranger | income based loan