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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Telco Pre-order & Plans Compilation


The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is now officially available for pre-order in Malaysia across various platforms ahead of its release in the weeks ahead. If you are looking for a telco tie-up deal to get your hands on the hottest phablet on the planet right now, there is certainly no shortage of options as a total   » read more…

You Can Now Purchase From The App Store & iTunes Through Your Telco Bill

Apple Carrier Billing

Want to buy stuffs from the Apple App Store, iTunes and Apple Music? Forget it if you do not own or have access to a credit/debit card. But that is in the past now as our telcos have made it easy to do that. Digi, Celcom and U Mobile have now made it possible for   » read more…

Digi, Celcom dan UMobile kini menyokong pembelian terus di Apple App Store

umobile digi celcom menawarkan pembelian melalui akaun-1

Sebelum ini pelanggan prabayar bagi beberapa syarikat telekomunikasi utama negara telah menerima fungsi pembelian di Play Store menggunakan akaun nombor telefon anda yang memudahkan pengguna khususnya bagi mereka yang tidak mempunyai kad kredit ataupun debit. Kini, pelanggan prabayar atau pascabayar UMobile, Digi dan Celcom kini boleh menikmati pembelian di Apple App Store dan iTunes melalui   » read more…

Get The Oppo R9s With Digi Postpaid Now For As Low As RM189

OPPO x Digi

The Oppo R9s is now available with Digi and no matter you are a new or existing Digi customer, you can get the phone for as low as RM189 with the Digi Postpaid 138 plan. All existing Digi subscribers who have signed up with Digi for more than a year and above will be able   » read more…

YouTube Video Checkup – Which Telco Gives You The Best Video Playback Quality?


The last time you watched a YouTube video, chances are you streamed it on your smartphone. With smartphone nowadays getting larger and better-quality screens, not to mention the abundant of free Youtube streaming offers by our various telcos, more and more people are turning to their most personal device for their daily YouTube fix. In   » read more…

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