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The 2017 iPhone may have wireless charging

iPhone Wireless

It would appear that Apple is finally looking to implement wireless charging for its upcoming iPhones. According to KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the three models of the iPhone will come with wireless charging, although its implementation method is unknown at this point. With 2017 being the 10th anniversary for the iPhone, Apple is looking to do something special   » read more…

Apple to begin making of iPhones in India soon

iPhone India

There are signs that Apple wants to start manufacturing iPhones in India, as disclosed by the government of Karnataka, in the south-western region of India who had applauded the proposal to start said operations within the state. A report by TImes of India says the assembling plant would be in the state’s capital, Bengaluru, with   » read more…

Apple mengatasi Samsung sebagai syarikat pengeluar telefon pintar No.1 dunia


Apple kini secara rasminya telah berjaya merampas kedudukan pengeluar telefon pintar No.1 didunia mengatasi Samsung. Pencapaian ini adalah sesuatu yang membanggakan memandangkan Samsung telah memegang kedudukan ini sejak lima tahun lalu. Pada suku ke-4 2016, Apple telah berjaya menjual 78.3 juta unit iPhone yang mana ianya adalah 17.8% daripada pasaran dunia. Samsung dalam pada itu   » read more…

Apple looks to India for iPhone manufacturing


For the longest time, Apple has had China manufacture its iPhones, particularly through Foxconn. As it turns out, Cupertino has just signed on its first India-based supplier, Wistron Corp, to be the primary OEM for iPhones in India. Through this partnership, Apple will also be able to set up direct retail stores in India and thus   » read more…

More iPhone 8 features rumoured

iPhone 8 Concept

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a new research note, outlining outlooks for Apple’s 2017 iPhone or iPhone 8. The next-generation iPhone is expected to look vastly different from the current models, but Kuo suggests the investment is going into new identification and authentication technology, and a new physical design for the underlying structure for   » read more…

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