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Images of the iPhone 8 Dummy Model are leaked

iPhone 8 Prototype

According to Geskin, the iPhone 8 is said to come fitted with a 2.5D curved glass on the front and back, with a stainless-steel frame running along the edges. New leaked images suggest that the purported iPhone 8 dummy unit show the smartphone display which covers the front. As the Touch ID Home cannot be seen,   » read more…

3GB RAM to be featured in new iPhones

iPhone 8 Concept Preview

Apple is supposedly releasing three new iPhones this year – a standard model, a Plus model and a special edition for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. A report by analyst Timothy Arcuri from Cowen and Company suggests all three will have 3GB RAM, based on an analysis of Apple’s supply chain from a research note he   » read more…

Apple patent suggests new material for iPhone 8

Liquid Metal iPhone 8

Apple is reported to have filed a patent for liquid metal with the US Patent & Trademark Office, suggesting a new material will be used for the iPhone 8. The patent shows an the image of a device with a micro-alloyed metallic glass coated metal substrate is included. There are also rumours which point towards   » read more…

Apple mengumumkan pengeluaran Cip grafik mereka yang tersendiri

iPhone 8

Saham pereka cip grafik bagi Apple iaitu Imagination Technologies telah jatuh hampir 30% selepas Apple mengeluarkan kenyataan yang mana syarikat Cupertino ini akan menghentikan penggunan teknologi syarikat ini. Imagination Technologies berkata bahawa Apple sedang membangunkan cip grafik mereka yang tersendiri. Pengumuman ini boleh dianggap sebagai senario paling buruk bagi syarikat grafik yang berpangkalan di British   » read more…

iPhone 7 vs flashlight

Shining iPhone

We at Mobile88 has seen a lot of tests and comparisons over the course of our existence, but this has to be one of the strangest. The following test pits the world’s brightest flashlight with 400 lumens against the iPhone 7. To get an idea of how strong 400 lumens is, the rays emitted by   » read more…

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