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SiriOS could be Apple’s IOT operating system

Apple’s HomePod – a smart speaker – hasn’t been particularly successful when compared to Amazon and Google. It runs a modified version of iOS, strange when Apple TV has one called tvOS. Apple Watch has watchOS, and the iPad Pro has the iPadOS. At the next WWDC 2020, Apple could possibly introduce SiriOS, a new OS for both the HomePod and the IoT in general.

Investment company Mangrove analyses methods of interfacing with technology over the next 10 years, in its “Voice Tech 2019” report. Voice commands are at the top, with possible uses for systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With more than 95% speech recognition accuracy, new systems like SiriOS will be able to understand equal to humans. Deep networks would not just understand context, but be able to more naturally, conveniently and efficiently communicate. The report also states experts expecting Apple to release SiriOS for the developer community at WWDC 2020. Brett Kinsella of is quoted to call SiriOS “desirable to enable innovation”, that it’s necessary to make progress with how Amazon and Google have done with their voice assistants. There’s nothing on what form SiriOS will take yet.

SiriOS could enable Apple to focus more on developing products and get a bigger slice of the market. Some analysts estimate a possible 50 billion or more connected devices around the world by 2020. Aggressive price competition has meant a slower start in the IoT sector, but Apple has opportunities to reinvent itself to combine augmented reality – something Tim Cook thinks is more revolutionary than the iPhone – with devices that are always connected at a relatively lower price.


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