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Say Goodbye To Bill Shocks And Confusing Roaming Rates With U Mobile

Ahh, good old-fashioned roaming. While staying connected in foreign countries is becoming easier now compared to the yesteryears thanks to the easy availability of free Wi-Fi, traveler SIM cards as well as pocket Wi-Fi rental services, roaming is still pretty much relevant today. Whether you are a holidaymaker or a business traveler, roaming is an essential part of your overseas trip that you can’t completely ignore.

Despite the convenience it offers, roaming is more often than not a less-than-ideal (and sometimes downright frightening) experience that many would rather avoid than embrace. How often have we heard of horror stories about roaming experiences gone wrong with eye-popping phone bills to show for it. Even before that, the confusing roaming charges are enough to deter people off. Then there’s all the consumer-unfriendly pricing structure with the odd cents (e.g. RM3.45 to call and RM4.65 to receive calls) that causes unnecessary headaches.

But roaming doesn’t have to be like that, not if you are on U Mobile’s network anyway. The telco has introduced new pricing structures for voice calls and SMS for International roaming that is not only cheap but also simple and easy to comprehend. One flat rate for each zones that gives you peace of mind when it comes to roaming.

U Mobile Roaming

Below are the new pricing structures and what they mean for roaming travelers.


Low rates

U Mobile offers a flat rate of RM1.50 not only for each minute of voice calls made within Singapore (Zone 1) for example, but also calls back to Malaysia as well. Those who are in the receiving end of such roaming calls will also be charged at a flat rate of only RM1.50 per minute. Other telcos charge according to different price structures that range from RM1.50 all the way up to RM3.30 per minute. As for SMS, you will be charged RM0.50 per SMS sent while you don’t have to pay anything to receive them.

This is hugely beneficial for those who travel between Johor and Singapore on a very frequent basis such as Malaysian adults working in Singaporean firms and school children studying in learning institutions down south.

The same applies to 15 other countries which include Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand (Zone 2) as well as Brunei, China, Myanmar and Vietnam (Zone 3) with a simple, affordable flat rate of just RM3.00 per minute to make and receive calls. Meanwhile, sending SMS is also at a flat rate of only RM1.00 per SMS while receiving SMS is free of charge.

Meanwhile in Zone 4 which consists of 38 countries including Japan, Germany, New Zealand and United Kingdom, U Mobile charges a flat rate of RM5.00 for calls per minute made within the two countries, calls per minute back to Malaysia and calls received. For SMS, the rate is RM1.00 per SMS sent and it’s free to receive.

To make things even better, this simple roaming price is applicable for all networks in the country you roam in, eliminating bill shocks. Gone are the days where you need to pair to a specific roaming partner.

Listed below are all the featured countries in their respective zones.

Pricing table_R2-03

Simple & non-confusing price structures

With a flat rate offered by U Mobile, you only need to keep in mind one price only for each zones. Otherwise, the many different rates that is the norm now make for very confusing readings and is especially problematic for business travelers who travel frequently between countries as it is impossible for them to remember it all. When you have only one price to keep in mind, it makes life so much easier.

Peace of mind

Varying prices across different countries may also subject to currency fluctuation, which presents another major headache and the potential for bill shocks, which is typically the biggest fear people have when it comes to roaming. There will absolutely be no bill shocks when you know in advance what you are going to pay for, which is the case with the flat rates offered by U Mobile.

Ease of use

Roaming doesn’t have to be a hassle to use. Often times people are turned off by the troublesome steps needed to activate roaming, with the need for subscriptions and all. U Mobile eliminates the usual hassle by letting users activate roaming simply by turning on the feature from their mobile phone. Here’s how to activate roaming for both existing and new customers.

how to activate roaming u mobile

There is also no subscription needed. On top of that, you can enjoy exceptional customer service call with free calls to U Mobile Contact Centre.

With the best deals and lowest rates among all telcos, simple flat rate pricing structure, no bill shock guarantee and hassle-free usage, you can roam with confidence and peace of mind once again, only with U Mobile.

For all you need to know about roaming with U Mobile, log on here.

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