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Samsung to officiate the Galaxy M series

Samsung has officially acknowledged the existence of its upcoming Galaxy M series with a launch of a mini-site for it. Unfortunately it would appear that the Galaxy M series currently not available for a global at the time being.

The Galaxy M series is to launch in India on 28 January 2019, and made exclusive to Amazon India, which also has its own mini-site for the Galaxy M series. Specifications for the smartphone is unknown at this juncture, although from the looks of it, it may be fitted with an Infinity V display which has a teardrop-shaped notch. Design wise, the Galaxy M series will be identical to the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9.

In the camera department, expect to find a dual rear setup, which includes an ultra-wide shooter. Battery size was also teased, and it looks to be fairly sizeable with support for fast charging. That aside, little else is known. Given the high profile nature of the release, expect more information to come out sooner than later.

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