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Samsung plans to win in China with the Galaxy S9

Once a dominant force in China, Samsung has seen its market share fall below 2 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. Not one Samsung device was in the top selling lists in China, and the company wants to change that.

Galaxy S9 China

Samsung is said to be focusing on customers willing to purchase premium models with its new flagship device. Furthermore, it plans to work with local tech service providers such as Baidu and WeChat to improve AI features and Internet of Things-based services to users. Organisational changes have also been made within in China, where the head of division was replaced and the sales team streamlined.

Whether or not the Galaxy S9 will be sufficient for Samsung to regain its glory China remains to be seen. With stiff competition from home grown brands, the company has its work cut out of it, that is for sure.

Source: The Korea Herald


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