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Samsung Files Trademark For “Galaxy Note Edge”, A New Note?

It’s already been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 exists and will be making its maiden appearance come September 3. But does Samsung have something else up its sleeve for their ever-popular Note series?

Of all the various rumors swirling around the next edition of the phone that kick started the whole “phablet” trend (such as the inclusion of an UV sensor) perhaps the most intriguing is the existence of a second variant for the Note 4. This will not be the usual stripped-down variant with lesser specs or cheaper build material, but one that could potentially be groundbreaking in mobile phone technology.

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It is rumored that the second variant will feature a three-sided display. Remember YOUM display? Samsung showcased the wow-inducing flexible display technology early last year and the time may have come for its grand debut for the consumer market. The curved three-sided display is said to “wrap” itself around the side edges of the phone.


Rumors will remain rumors but the best part is? Samsung has reportedly filed a trademark for the name “Galaxy Note Edge”.


It may or may not make an appearance at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 event but it sure does raise the already-high anticipation level up a few notches. Even if it’s a no-show, we can always look forward to it in next year’s event.


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